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The Hosepipe Ban & Drought Resistant Planting!

The Hosepipe Ban & Drought Resistant Planting!

The Hosepipe Ban & Drought Resistant Planting!

As of the 5th August, the hosepipe ban will be introduce. Here's some advice on what this means for your plants and watering.

Firstly, we encourage you to think about how you use water around the household. Can you reduce your usage or find ways to reuse household water in the garden? Simple ideas include putting a bowl to collect excess water in your kitchen sink and using this in a watering can for your plants.

At Rileys Garen Centre, we have large natural well under the garden centre. We collect rainwater throughout the year and use this to water our plants.

During the hosepipe ban you CAN still use a hosepipe in the following situations (we recommend you are still mindful of your usage):

Watering food crops at domestic premises or on private allotments
Watering newly laid turf for the first 28 days
Watering newly bought plants for the first 14 days
If you're still looking for new plants for your garden, we've come up with a list of some that won't mind these dry conditions. This is by no means a full list but start here to find some ideas.. The majority of these are also wonderful options for attracting pollinators into your garden.

The below plants have a range of varieties and colours available – if you need help finding them, speak to a member of the Plant Team who will be happy to help you find what you're looking for.










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