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Your Garden in July

Your Garden in July


Talking of hot sun, if you are going to spend any length of time in your garden whilst the sun is shining, please remember your sunscreen and a hat. And, now on to the gardening...

One of the most important jobs this month is watering. With all this hot weather it's vital we keep on top of watering our plants and gardens; they will depend on us more than ever in hot, dry weather. This applies even more to newly established plants or those in containers as they will dry out very quickly. Remember, if you frequently keep on top of your watering it will also reduce the threat of bugs and diseases attacking your plants.

Don't forget to dead head your hanging baskets, containers, bedding plants and long-flowering perennials, such as hardy Geraniums, to ensure repeat flowering whilst keeping the blooms looking fresh. A general liquid feed will also encourage healthy plant growth, so why not give them that extra boost during the summer.

There's plenty of colour to enjoy this month, with Dahlias, Hydrangeas, Roses, and many more vibrant perennials all looking at their best. At this time of year, we are truly spoilt for colour, so let's make the most of it. If you have gaps in your borders, fill them with colour!

Speaking of Hydrangeas, this leads me on to my feature plant, Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight'. Limelight boasts beautiful, large conical blooms of soft green that mature to pure ivory before showing hints of rose pink, complementing the bright green foliage. These beauties are a classic for any garden, perfect for those sunny or slightly shady areas. You cannot beat a Limelight to brighten up your day!

Roses will now be in full bloom and looking absolutely stunning this month. With so many different varieties and colours to choose from, there's certainly something for everyone and every occasion. Take Arthur Bell, for example, with its beautiful scented, bright yellow, semi-double blooms, this Rose is one of my all-time favourites.

Why not plant a Rose of your choice in a mixed border alongside gorgeous English Lavender for that traditional cottage garden feel and aroma. But remember, keep an eye out for green fly and black spot on your Roses and remember to treat immediately to maintain healthy growth and stunning displays.

If you have a north facing garden, don't worry, you too can enjoy the lovely colour that summer plants have to offer. Summer bedding such as Begonias, Pansies, Violas and Impatiens are all perfect for filling any gaps in the borders or refreshing your containers, bringing instant impact to your garden. For a more permanent fixture in the border, you have Hostas, Heucheras, Hydrangeas and Astilbes to choose from. The unique colours and textures of their foliage and blooms will create exciting displays year after year. Happy days!


Whether you have an allotment, a veggie patch in your garden or just a few containers for growing your own.

Plant out kale started last month. These seedlings can be planted deep and need to be well firmed in. They stand all winter getting blown about so need a sturdy base. If you missed sowing them, you should be able to find plants at the garden centre ready to go.

Towards the end of the month, remove the lower leaves from your cordon tomato plants.

This will let the light in to ripen the lower fruit and allow air movement around the plant to discourage any diseases.

Sow some more dwarf French beans. There is still time for these to provide a good harvest. They should germinate quickly in the warm soil.

Find room for Florence fennel, I sow some after my early potatoes. Fennel is easy and quick to grow, providing feathery foliage which is a great flavouring in fish dishes, and later the 'bulbs' swell and are ideal steamed or raw in salads.

Sow early carrots after harvesting over-wintering onions. These will supply finger sized carrots into the autumn.

Keep watering and weeding, and enjoy the summer!

thanks to Will http://www.bartongrange.co.uk/plants-and-gardening/gardening-advice-helpful-tips/

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