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Nature Safe Live Soil Probiotic 125ml

  • Nature Safe Live Soil Probiotic 125ml
  • Nature Safe Live Soil Probiotic 125ml

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  • Nature Safe Live Soil Probiotic 125ml

    Product Description:

    The soils of Ireland and Britain contain millions of microorganisms - some good some bad. Nature Safe have isolated the best of the best bacteria, isolated them from the healthiest native Irish soil and concentrated them in this bottle.

    There are over a billion bacillus subtilis spores inside the bottle.

    Once conditions are right these bacteria will start to multiply in the soil around the roots of the plant. The bacteria will provide nutrients to the roots in forms that the plant can best utilise. They induce systemic resistance in plants by encouraging anti-fungal activity, lytic enzyme, auxin, cytokine and siderophore production as well as attracting beneficial fungi such as mycorrhiza.


    • Provides nature's good bacteria
    • Supercharged, organic plant growth
    • Boosts seed germination
    • Stronger roots and boosts growth
    • Brings the good life to your soil
    • Fights plant stresses
    • Sourced in Ireland

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