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2 Seat Relaxer 360

  • 2 Seat Relaxer 360
  • 2 Seat Relaxer 360

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  • NL Maroon Lounge Relaxer


    The Maroon swivel chair is a comfortable lounge chair with its soft touch cushions, you can relax on it for hours. The seat of the chair also slopes backwards for an ultimate seating angle. With its full 360-degree rotation, you can easily turn with the sun! In addition, the chair looks beautiful, with its aluminium frame and round base, it contrasts nicely with the straight angles of the armrests. The set consists of 2 chairs and a small coffee table.

    "LIFE" furniture leads the market in both concept and distinction. With the Life range you can enjoy a modern design combining the aluminium frame with the teak arm rests. The entire range comes in our most popular colour combination of Lava frame with the soft touch All Weather Carbon cushions.


    This Set Includes
    2 Maroon Turning Chairs D88 x W67 x H86
    Amazone Coffee Table D45 x W45 x H55
    Soft Touch All Weather Cushions

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