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MS 231 Chainsaw 16”

  • MS 231 Chainsaw 16”

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  • MS 231 Chainsaw 16"

    MS 231 Chainsaw
    Powerful domestic saw for grounds maintenance and felling small trees
    MS 231
    The versatile MS 231 chainsaw is ideal for private users or farmers felling small trees, cutting firewood and general landscape maintenance. The STIHL 2-MIX engine allows emissions to be cut by up to 70% and fuel consumption is up to 20% lower compared to a STIHL 2-stroke engine of the same power output without 2-MIX technology.

    Extend your domestic warranty from 2 to 3 years with the purchase of 5 litres of STIHL MotoMix® fuel and this product. Your STIHL Approved Dealer will register your extended warranty on the STIHL warranty database at point of purchase.

    Instruction is necessary to recognize or assess the dangers of a chainsaw. Please wear protective clothing and equipment.
    If anything is unclear, we recommend to order the chainsaw via Click & Collect and pickup up the chainsaw. 

    for more information- https://m.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/Chainsaws-and-pole-pruners/Petrol-chainsaws-for-domestic-users/21872-110/MS-231-Chainsaw.aspx

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