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IZY HRG 466 SK Single Speed Mower

  • IZY HRG 466 SK Single Speed Mower
  • IZY HRG 466 SK Single Speed Mower

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  • Izy HRG 466 SK 18"

    Our lightweight, versatile and robust range

    New for the 2020 season, our new range of Izy lawnmowers feature our latest Euro-5 compliant, four-stroke GCVx engines. These new engines offer enhanced combustion by creating stronger turbulence inside the chamber, while also being more tolerant to lower quality fuels. All Izys have a new Auto Choke system, offering improved temperature sensing and choke optimisation, for easier starting in the most challenging conditions.

    The new range also includes easier access to serviceable parts such as the oil drain and spark plug, a much larger fuel filler cap, and tool-free access to the air filter.

    Product Overview:

    Cutter Deck Size: 18" / 46cm
    Garden Size: Medium. Suitable for lawns up to 1,200m² (1-2 tennis courts)
    Deck Type: Pressed Steel - This deck type is lightweight for easy manoeurability whilst still being hard-wearing and resistant to corrosion and UV rays
    Transmission: Single Speed - This lawnmower will self propell itself at one speed
    Rear Roller: Not available
    Rotostop: Not available
    Mulching: Optional - Mulching is only available on this model if you purchase an additional mulching kit from a Honda Dealer
    Electric Start: Not available
    To help you find the Honda mower for your lawn size, please use the tablet below as a guide:

    Petrol Izy Lawnmowers
    Lawn Size Cutting Width Models
    Small - Medium
    Suitable for lawns up to 800m²
    Up to 1 tennis court

    HRG 416 PK

    HRG 416 SK

    Suitable for lawns up to 1,200m²
    1-2 tennis courts 46cm
    HRG 466 PK

    HRG 466 SK

    HRG 466 SKEP

    Suitable for lawns up to 1,800m²
    > 2 tennis courts 53cm
    HRG 536 SK

    HRG 536 VK

    HRG 536 VL

    HRG 536 VY


    Cutter deck size (cm) 46
    Cutter deck material Pressed steel
    Engine OHC 4-stroke
    Engine displacement (cc) 145
    Engine model GCVx 145
    Dual airfilter -
    Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.91
    Transmission Single speed
    Driving speed (m/s) 0.89
    Blade brake clutch (Roto- stop) -
    Mulching (Versamow-selective/variable) Optional
    Positions & cutting height adjustment (mm) 6 (20-74)
    Rear roller -
    Electric start -
    Grass bag capacity (l) 50
    Guaranteed sound level dB(A)* 95
    Dry weight (kg) 31
    Dimensions (L x W x H (mm)) 1470 x 497 x 980


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