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Belrobotics BigMow Classic

  • Belrobotics BigMow Classic
  • Belrobotics BigMow Classic
  • Belrobotics BigMow Classic

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  • Belrobotics BigMow Classic: The classic champion for your green areas of up to 20,000 m2.

    The most powerful robotic mower in the world.

    With its 20,000 m2 capacity, it can handle very large areas: sports fields and golf courses, public areas, public or private parks, etc.

    Its low power consumption means that it beats all the records for energy savings.

    Max. mowing area 20.000 m2
    Mowing width 1050 mm
    Number of heads 5
    Number of blades 15
    Speed 3.6 km/h
    Battery type LIFePo4
    Standard battery capacity 15 Ah
    More powerful battery options (Ah) 24
    Battery voltage 26.4 V
    Charging time 75 min
    Average annual consumption 830 kWh
    Anti-theft safety feature Yes
    Max. noise 58dB
    Track & Trace + SMS Included
    Weight (kg) 51 kg
    Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 120x120x50
    Low cut – minimum 22 mm
    High cut – maximum 80 mm
    Standard max. slope 30%
    Max. slope with option (Kit) 45%
    Sonar Yes
    Adaptive mowing Standard
    Multizone Yes
    Obstacle sonar Yes
    Fleet management system Yes

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