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AquaRoll S Set With 30m Classic Hose

  • AquaRoll S Set With 30m Classic Hose

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  • A Complete Hose Trolley Set With 30m Hose and Hose End Fittings

    The GARDENA AquaRoll L CleverRoll Easy Set is a premium quality hose reel made in Germany to the highest quality, with a 5 year warranty guarantee.
    It is supplied as a complete set with 30 metres of Gardena high quality 13mm hose, plus end fittings and a Gardena adjustable nozzle.
    Supplied assembled and ready to use.
    The angled connectors inside the drum ensure there are no kinks in the hose, and no reduction in flow.
    The reel is guaranteed to be frost proof with innovative frost-resistance for extended durability.
    Gardena supply their hose reel kits without a connection hose but with a set of fittings to allow connection to the tap. A piece of hose should be cut from the reel of sufficient length to allow you to place the hose reel where it is required. You can make this as long, or as short as you like and the end fittings are then attached to the cut length and your hose reel is ready to use.

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